Pitch Perfect


PARK SLOPE Tonight, nbART (the newest moniker of the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition) returns with a benefit for their new slate of public art projects in North Brooklyn. This summer, the arts org will be staging a second version of Sing for Hope’s successful “Street Pianos” project, which featured sixty pianos scattered across public spaces in New York last year; this time, there will be a piano-appropriate eighty-eight. To subsidize the project and raise money for Sing for Hope, which places artists in volunteer service programs in schools, hospitals, and communities, they’ll be holding a benefit at Southpaw (piano-themed, of course); performers include Brooklyn musicians and event hosts Greene Girl and hip-hop/classical musician Emily Wells. Beyond musical entertainment, there will be an open tea bar courtesy of Argo Tea and their tea sampling station; Michael Arthur will be highlighting the artsy side of the project by sketching live at the event and projecting pieces on the wall. The finished pieces will be auctioned off for Sing for Hope to maximize the charitable impact.

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