Temple Grandin on Heritage Radio


Temple GrandinWe’ve written about Heritage Radio Network before–it’s the shipping container radio station in the backyard of Roberta’s. We’re fans of their eclectic programming, but often overwhelmed by everything we want to read, listen to and watch in a given week, so we sometimes miss some real gems. Patrick Martins, soon-to-be-husband of Anne Saxelby, is one of the movers and shakers at and founders of the station. When I was chatting with Anne to write today’s piece about her new cheese cave in Red Hook, she mentioned that Patrick was about to interview Temple Grandin on his Sunday morning radio show, The Main Course.

Now, I’m married to a butcher, so that may account for my outsized excitement over this matter, but Temple Grandin is a legend in the world of animal husbandry for her animal’s eye view of the world. She’s also famous for being one of the most highly functioning people with autism in the public eye. And, she has a mean collection of appliqued Western shirts. Claire Danes played her in an HBO movie! If I got to interview her I’d be totally weak-in-the-knees nervous.

You can listen to the whole 65-minute episode here>>

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