What’d You Do This Weekend?


Name: Dylan Goelz
Age: 23
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Occupation: Head of Design and Marketing, Roadify
Status: In a relationship

Friday Night: Got out of the office late and headed to a friend’s house in the ‘Burg to watch the Knicks get their butts kicked. Was hoping that a home game at MSG would help get them get back in it, but even that bitterness couldn’t ruin a Dumont Burger with Garlic Fries and a growler of Brooklyn Lager.

Saturday: Started the morning off right by missing most of it and sleeping in. When I did get up, the rain meant a few of my favorite things: a Skype call with my lady (in Switzerland for the month) and an excuse to stay in and work on designing some wicked new features for version 2.0 of the Roadify app. Oh, and an always welcome episode of 30 Rock, even though Alec bashed my home town of Jacksonville, FL.

Come evening time, I did what most New Yorkers do on the weekend and painted myself up for a night on the town. Seriously, though, I went to the hardware store, bought a can of gold spray paint and sprayed a shirt and a pair of shoes for a friend’s gold-themed birthday party. Apparently everyone has a magical year called a “Golden Year” when your birthday (April 24th) is the same as the age you’re turning (24 years old)… Yeah, I told her she was crazy too, but it was a fun house party filled with fake gold chains and stunner shades.

Sunday: Sunday brought a rare day in “The City.” My friend Brian and I helped my uncle move across town, leaving his East Side apartment of 30 years for the Columbia area. In the process, we ate an incredible lunch at a little spot called the Good Health Tall Grass Burger & Grill. I don’t get to the UES often, but this place is worth trekking back up: veg/vegan friendly with big portions and blackberry & banana pancakes that’ll blow you away.

After the last run up to the new apartment, we topped the weekend off in Chinatown with an old friend of my uncle’s who knew all the spots. We walked/waded through the rain to Great NY Noodle Town (Bowery and Bayard) and sat back as he did the ordering: Peking duck, noodles in Black Bean Sauce, baby bok choy and fried flounder. Easy to find anywhere in Chinatown, but never this good. Makes you realize that some friends, especially those that know what to order in Chinatown, are just worth holding on to…

Rating: A strong 4 (can’t be a 5 cause I left Brooklyn!)

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