Creators Time


Though the details of this weekend’s Creators Project event are scant, the lineup for this mostly free music, film, and art fest in Dumbo is packed with incredible acts and Brooklyn Flea food. Florence + the Machine, Atlas Sound and DJs like Nic Thorburn of the band Islands are all playing free sets on Saturday, while all weekend long there are back-to-back free screenings of videos and films like Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire’s Scenes from Suburbia. And scattered among the 11 participating venues are artworks like immersive sound installations and a/v sculptures made possible by VICE and Intel, the bedfellows that sponsor this series. You need to RSVP to gain access to the shows, and get concrete information on where and they’re being held, though that doesn’t guarantee entry. For that you’ll need to arrive early so you make the capacity cutoff for each venue.

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