The Intuitionist Himself


Colson Whitehead must have earned his place as one of Brooklyn’s favorite new literary sons by now – he’s always repping the borough, from being a fixture at the Brooklyn Book Festival to simply showing up at events, bookstores, and restaurants, being fabulously incognito. Tonight, he’ll be popping into his local bookstore, Greenlight, to host the launch party for his new novel Zone One. Whitehead’s previous books include 2003’s evocative living-in-New-York meditation Colossus of New York and 2009’s Sag Harbor; Zone One continues his focus on New York, telling a post-apocalyptic tale of “sweepers” cleaning up after a zombie plague. Like his other books, this one has already been the recipient of lots of advance praise, so stop by, listen to the ever-entertaining Whitehead speak, and get reading so you can be dropping highbrow zombie references at your next Halloween party.

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