The Anti-Boot Camp


“Exercise and eat right” is what every fitness program, product, or message boils down to. But finding a way to fit those two things into your busy Brooklyn life in a way that inspires, educates, motivates and even entertains you is a rarity. Boasting consistent 5-star Yelp ratings, Captain Quinn’s Fitness program combines the latest in fitness and nutrition through “anti-boot camp” boot camp classes (you get all the fun and none of the yelling), small group personal training, and personalized nutrition guidance. Perfectly filling the gap between that gym membership you never use and that private personal trainer you can’t (or don’t want to) afford, Captain Quinn’s program gets results. With classes and availability throughout the day and week in multiple locations and sessions running 30-45 minutes, you’ll surely find a time that works for you. Contact Captain Quinn today to get started and mention Brooklyn Based to get a free personal training session with your consultation. What’s stopping you?

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