Let Loose and Go Knux


Not only are The Knux one of the most exciting ‘alternative’ hip hop acts to emerge in the past few years, garnering the interest of artists like The Roots, Nas, and Common (all of whom they’ve toured with), the New Orleans-born duo (brothers ‘Krispy’ and ‘Joey’ Lindsey) write, rap, sing, and produce all of their own material. Their show at the Knitting Factory promises to be one of the best parties on a traditionally party-heavy night, Thanksgiving Eve, and since they’re known for their blistering live performances (did we mention that they’re a few of those rare hip hop artists who play their own instruments? And well?), it’s definitely a show you’ll want to witness first-hand. So take advantage of the holiday, and spend the night before with The Knux– they’ll “put that pop on you like Redenbacher.”

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