Post-Holiday Hot Tubbing


If you’re in need of some mental stimulation after your tryptophan-induced coma this weekend, may we recommend this week’s installment of Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen at Littlefield in Park Slope? In addition to the perennially adorable/consistently hilarious duo of comedy ‘champeens’ Kristen Schaal and Kurt Branhouler who host this weekly event, guests for this Monday include stand-ups like Daily Show cofounder Lizz Winstead and Onion News Network and McSweeney’s contributor Dan Wilbur, and variety pieces performed by musician and performance artist Jospeh Keckler, among others. It just the thing to transition you from your long weekend lethargy back into work mode for the week ahead, and a steal at only five bucks for the night. Smart comedy, smart decision!

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