Stencil With Style


Graffiti is awesome, but if your lack of artistic abilities (and pesky law-abiding streak) mean that you can never fulfill your secret fantasy of tagging up the streets, maybe it’s time to hit the stencils. Although stencils apparently date back to prehistoric times, it takes a talented artist like Ed Roth to come along and create a stencil worth using. Celebrating the release of his new book, Stencil 201, with an Etsy craft night at the Powerhouse Arena, you can learn to stencil on almost anything. Bring a tote bag or t-shirt to stencil on or buy them there! In addition to crafting, save your appetite for some stenciled cookies by Chris Sumner of Sumner and Company and the one thing never to be missed at any celebration: drinks! RSVP here.

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