L’Chaim! Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah


Jeremy Cowan has come a long way since hand-labeling and packaging his first hundred cases of He’Brew beer in 1996 (and delivering them out of his grandmother’s Volvo!). Cowan’s company, Schmaltz Brewing, is now a $3 million-a-year business, selling over 10 million bottles of beer to date. Its two lines, He’Brew Beer and Coney Island Craft Lager, have national distribution and are sipped on at bars all over Brooklyn. On Thursday night, Cowan presents his latest release, “Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah,” a memoir, at powerHouse Arena. Learn how Cowan has taken his business from his grandma’s Volvo to having ten employees and being highlighted in The Wall Street Journal. Of course, delicious Schmaltz beers will be served!

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