This Week: Celebrate the Holidays with Wizard Rock


The holidays are coming, which means lots of parties.

If the spirit you want to get into is one of incredible nerdiness, this weekend has you covered. Especially if Harry Potter fandom is your weakness.

At The Bell House on Saturday, you can go to the Yule Ball–named after the Hogwarts holiday party–and yet your geek on with Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, Potter Puppet Pals, MC Kreacher and other wizardly acts.

The event is all ages, so feel free to take the kids alongside the kids-at-heart. Wear your handmade Hogwarts house scarf of choice, or your dress robes, or paint a scar on your forehead, because you’re bound to be in the company of some hardcore Harry Potter enthusiasts.

Harry and the Potters are a duo, made of brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge, who started the band in 2002. They play songs lovingly lifted from the pages of the book series. You can stream all of their albums over at Bandcamp.

Of course, where would Harry be without his antagonist, Draco Malfoy? Fortunately, we don’t have to find out, because Rhode Island duo Draco and the Malfoys will be performing their “evil wizard rock” this weekend as well. This pair, Brian Ross and Bradley Mehlenbacher, play their songs telling the stories from Malfoy’s perspective. So the realm of wizard rock remains even-handed.

Despite their differences in perspective, both bands are perpetuating a love of reading through fun, goofy music. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, the event is a fundraiser for The Harry Potter Alliance, which furthers social activism through the lens of Harry Potter. They fight against genocide and poverty and promote literacy and human rights like Dumbledore’s Army fighting the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Doors for the show are at 5 p.m., and the tickets are $18. It should be over relatively early, because there’s an Atlas Sound gig starting at 10:30, so if you want to bring the kids they’ll be home at a reasonable hour.

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