P-Pop Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


Between the recent waves of party rock, glam rock, alterna-grunge resurgence rock, surfer rock, noise rock, pretty much every kind of rock, its easy to get fatigued into thinking everything out there is the same old thing. If those symptoms strike a chord (zing!) in your jaded seen-it-all heart, you should stop by Death By Audio this Thursday, when they’ll play host to the third P-Pop Party, a series of shows that feature all Japanese rock (mostly Brooklyn-based) acts of different varieties including The Black Cherry, Electric Eel Shock and  Pee Wonder Z.  Each P-Pop Party pairs comic-book action hero hi-fi energy with a lo-fi dirty sound, and manages to temper a surprising Ramones-esque punk punchiness with a sweet, quirky flair, interspersed by some hearty sprinklings of  …WTF? The show is $8 and is all ages, so grab your most badass kawaii outfit, some earplugs, and get ready to remember why you love rock music.

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