The Irony and the Ectasy of Michael Douglas


There earlier you check Twitter, the more serious the tweets. Before 9am it’s all links to news stories, politics and current events. Irreverence apparently, sleeps in. Here’s what Twitter held for me this morning.

Kinda makes you want the real deal...

@swissmiss Temporary tattoos for kids just got way cooler, thanks to Brooklyn designer, Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as @swissmiss.

@markknoller Michael Douglas (who played Gordon Gekko in the very 80s hit, Wall Street and sort of personified arrogant wealth) is doing PSAs for the FBI asking Wall Streeters to report financial fraud.

@northernspyfood New York needs to be safer for pedestrians an cyclists. A bunch of smart people have ideas about how to do that.

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