Bone Up on Box Wine


On Monday night, Brooklyn Winery will be hosting the first of a series of very cool-sounding wine classes taught by a former editor at Wine Spectator who now writes the Tasting Notes column for, among other oenological pursuits. Think and Drink Independently with Ted Loos consists of six classes designed to shatter some pretentious misconceptions that have taken root in the oenophile community and provide you with the tools you need to evaluate and enjoy wine on your own terms. The first session, Thinking Inside the Box, is dedicated to box wine, but we aren’t talking about that unfortunate swill you drank on “sophisticated” nights out in college. Nowadays, there are many honest-to-goodness delicious wines that come in cardboard, and in this class you will taste your way through five of them. Future classes are spread out over the next three months, and include a lesson on bubblies as well as an entire session devoted to why it is a-okay to like Chardonnay. Would-be experts can commit to the entire series for $250 or purchase individual classes for $50 a pop. Either way, sign up and start drinking smarter!

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