How Does Your Garden Grow?


Brooklyn has always been at the forefront of urban agriculture—from its renegade beekeepers (changing minds and NYC laws, what what!) to its many locally sourced and sustained cottage industries (we know we were super psyched to see Greenpoint’s own Gotham Greens become available on FreshDirect). Now you can get in on the save-your-tastebuds, save-the-world green gardening ethos too. How? For their 31st Annual “Making Brooklyn Bloom” event, the inimitable Brooklyn Botanic Garden is focusing on the theme of “Think Global, Grow Local,”  and offering a free daylong conference featuring exhibits and workshops that center on the cutting edge of sustainable urban gardening. There’s no pre-registration, but you should get there by 10am to register in time, and before you know it you’ll be an ecological superhero-in-training with a rooftop or windowsill garden in the works.

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