We Love You Vinyl, Oh Yes We Do!


The recent closing of Park Slope’s Southpaw was all kinds of heartbreaking, but at least there’s one phoenix rising triumphantly from its ashes. I Love Vinyl’s On The B-Side, which had a residency at Southpaw for a year before the venue closed, is going on an analog walkabout through the borough and Littlefield is the first place they’ll lay their funky dance track beats. With over 100 collective years and 100,000 records between them, the B-Side Dream Team (DJs Scribe, The Twilite Tone, Amir, Jon Oliver, OP!, and GeOlogy, respectively) will be mixing every kind of artist from every kind of genre, which means, as they promise, “that genre, time period, and recognizability take a back seat to quality, taste, and skill.” Each spinner is both an innovator and a traditionally trained master in “the art of moving butts.” Entry is $10 with tickets or at the door, with a $5 entry before 11pm if you RSVP here.

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