Be Brave and Give


Doff your fanciest Shakespearian hat in respect to the inimitable Brave New World Repertory—a theater company based in Brooklyn, with Brooklyn-based members, featuring the work of Brooklyn writers (when not performing works by the greats like Chekhov, Moliere, and of course, good ol’ Bill). BNW is currently in the midst of a fundraising campaign that aims to collect $20,000 to fund programs like classes for underprivileged kids, scholarships and free performances throughout the borough. You can support them directly or buy tickers for any of their current season of shows, including their $15 Sunday tea readings (tickets here), which includes the price of tea and a scone. This Sunday’s performance is Street Scene by Elmer Rice. The fundraising campaign ends April 12 so go forth and help a great, continually-giving-back institution meet their goal.

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