Don’t Call It A Comeback


Considering the upswing in melodic songs that feature sad-but-sweet-yet-subtle-and-oh-so-smart lyrics, it’s puzzling that the new Nada Surf record hasn’t gotten more love. The band has been around since the early-90s, consistently putting out great albums with nary a redundant note among them, but everyone seems to dwell on their top-40 hit, “Popular.” Instead we’ll choose to stick with rock goddess Aimee Mann’s estimation of the band. She tweeted, “Everytime I hear something good, it’s always Nada Surf.” NS is also an under-appreciated New York institution—the band was founded here, all members are locals, AND their latest LP, The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy was even recorded in Williamsburg. They return to the ‘burg this Sunday at Music Hall—tickets are $25 and available here—go and get ready to fall in love all over again.