Joni Mitchell and Iced Coffee are the New Wheaties


This image of giant liposomes taken by Dr. Jorge Bernardino de la Serna was an honorable mention in the 2011 Nikon Small World Competition

Today our Twitter feed taught us the keys to making Monday mornings better and that we need to stop overdoing it with the multi-surface cleaners because germs and other  unseen organisms are kind of amazing when you photograph them under a microscope. Finally, Cafe Grumpy’s breakfast offerings have us considering taking a detour to Park Slope on our morning commute.

@misterdisco Mornings are automatically better when you begin with Joni Mitchell & iced coffee.

@HealthyLiving We think of germs as nasty … but these photos sure are beautiful.

 @cafegrumpy Chocolate currant scone, fig oat scone, dill biscuit, banana bread, strawberry jam corn muffin, orange thyme ricotta cake, hazelnut brownies

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