Chinese Zodiac Smackdown


Brooklyn artist Duke Riley has a knack for staging zany, often maritime-related performances and his latest one is the wildest yet. Titled “The Rematch,” it takes place on a river outside Shanghai this Sunday, and pits all 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac against each other in a gondola race to see who will finish first, as the rat did eons ago, according to Chinese mythology. There will be rowers accompanying the animals (all of whom will be present save for the dragon and the tiger, to be portrayed by costumed humans instead), and inside each boat will be an opera singer, performing “songs from the ‘first animal’ perspective.” This spectacle will be televised, in Manhattan at the Magnan Metz Gallery and in Brooklyn at a social club called The Egg & Dart Club near the Navy Yard, where each $10 ticket allows you to “support” an animal of your choice. As of Tuesday, they were already half sold out, so make like the Rat and scurry to it.

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