The Total Bedford Hill Immersion Photo Safari



When we put together the clues for the Bedford Hill photo safari, we had no idea how long it would take you master instagrammers to find and photograph each spot. Not that long, it turns out. @spencerkeasey, @kconn, and @evaeec won prizes for snapping the clues so quickly and artfully, but @beekalove, @iamjoshuaedmund, @samlinden2010 and many others also got the clues and took great photos. Even better, at least one group of photo safarians told us that they were excited to discover the Pratt Sculpture Garden, one of those hidden-in-plain-sight neighborhood gems that we were hoping to turn a few of you onto. Check out the slideshow of instagrams from the neighborhood and the bars and restaurants we hung out during The Total Bedford Hill Immersion with Brooklyn Brewery. Then RSVP for The Total Red Hook (and Columbia Street) Immersion May 12!





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