Blast Off in DUMBO



It took a while for holograms to break out of Star Wars, but now they’re popping up everywhere–taking shape as former hip hop greats and now jet engines that you can “assemble” in mid-air.

Right now in DUMBO as part of Creative Week, a gathering of the most creative minds in advertising, design, and digital media, GE has an interactive hologram exhibit at 56 Water Street called Throttle Up that lets the curious and geeky build a GEnx jet engine–their latest fuel efficient, high-performance engine designed to move aircraft with less impact on the sky. It takes a few simple hand gestures to move the floating parts together, and once assembled the engine adheres to a jet that takes off and flies over a twinkling city.

It’s the largest audience-controlled hologram experience to date, and certainly the largest hologram you’ll ever play with in Brooklyn. And it’s open from 11am-9pm every day until Friday, May 11. You can check out more images from the installation on the site,