Oysters, Beer and Lady Liberty: Little Eva’s Menu


As we reported last week, there’s a new beer garden on Governor’s Island, called Little Eva’s. While some commenters have indicated that they believe the establishment will ruin the tranquility of the island and turn it into a yuppie haven, I have to say that I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to sit down at a picnic table with a beer after the 20-minute stroll from where the ferry lets you off. It’s a great vantage of the Statue of Liberty and it’s hardly a huge or elaborate affair.

The beer garden at Little Eva's.

Little Eva’s is basically a shack, grilling up hot dogs, sausages and corn on a grill, and shucking oysters and clams. You can get Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint beers in cans, a Heineken in a bottle or a plastic cup of wine, plus water and sodas. And you enjoy all this in a fenced off, grassy yard filled with raw pine picnic tables, folding chairs and small metal tables. When I went it was a beautiful day and the vibe at Little Eva’s was really very mellow, almost dreamy in the sun and the breeze. Way more tranquil than the gang of 8-year-old girls perched on one of the big sculptures on the lawn at Picnic Point shout-singing “Rolling in the Deep.”

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