The Total Astoria Immersion


For the third immersion this summer with Brooklyn Brewery, we’re taking a field trip to that alternate universe known as Astoria, Queens–a place many of us would likely relocate to were we forced to leave our beloved borough. It’s just far enough, and just foreign enough, that it’ll make for an excellent beer-soaked day trip on Saturday, June 23.

Begin the day at one of two great bar-and-restaurants–The Sparrow Tavern or William Hallett–the two places we’ll be handing out special immersion postcards starting at noon. (There are only 500 available, and we’re giving just 1 card per person, so arrive early!) Once you have a card in hand, you’ll be able to redeem complimentary Brooklyn Beer at these two bars, along with Dominie’s and Rapture Lounge, where at 3pm their resident VJ will be kicking off a karaoke set (this is going to be a fun, weird day, remember?). Two excellent, seasonally focused restaurants, the Italian-inspired Vesta and Mexican cocina Pachanga Patterson will be serving beer brunches with complimentary Local One, and at 4pm, Hell Gate Social is hosting the after party with $3 Brooklyn beers. Wear your walking shoes, ‘cuz we’re taking you all over the neighborhood with this one.

Throughout the day, and after the Immersion ends at 6pm, there will be plenty of time to explore local shops (like SITE, which is discounting 15% off for cardholders) and all the excellent ethnic eats in the neighborhood, like these five spots recommended by Alia Akkam, Deputy Editor of Edible Queens and founder of the soon-to-be relaunched Q Note. One of her picks, Queens Kickshaw, is taking $3 off its grilled cheese sandwiches for Immersion cardholders. (They have eight varieties, and they’re all delicious and fancy.) If you’re intrigued by the neighborhood, or can’t make the Immersion, check out our day-long itinerary Out of Borough Experience: Astoria. Summer is a great time to stroll around the area and see the sights.

We’re also organizing another awesome Instagram photo safari, and this time, we have cool photo-centric prizes to give out. The first three people to get all of our clues (crafted with Akkam’s help) will win a free Castegram  iPhone case, printed with any Instagram photos you like! And the first 12 to get all the clues will win a roll of 12 Snapstagram photos of your favorite Instagrams. Plus we’ll have cool Brooklyn Brewery gifts to award, too.

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook for updates. See you in our sister borough June 23!

The Total Astoria Immersion
Saturday, June 23, noon-6pm
Map of pick up points and stops here

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  1. DouchierThanYou -

     we forced to leave our beloved borough”  It is not YOUR borough, you were not born here.  You are a transplant.  You LIVE in Brooklyn.  You are not FROM Brooklyn.  You were not born here so you will never understand.  Go home and gentrify you parents basement F$%&king hipsters

  2. Twothousandlights -

    Begin the day at one of two great bar-and-restaurants–The Sparrow Tavern or William Hallett–the two places we’ll be handing out special immersion postcards starting at noon.”

  3. Josh -

    fyi, Sparrow was once good when it first opened, now it’s just a hold-out for hipsters.  An unpolished rustic feel, wobbly tables, lots of people with tattoos, over-priced food and drinks and a menu that never ceases to let down.  It manages to thrive b/c people don’t know any better and it has a unique neighborhood feel.  If you don’t believe me order a bloody mary and a burger.  Yeah this is pretty scathing b/c every time I’m dragged there I want my money back.  I don’t think I saw Mosaic on your list, it’s a recent addition and a gem in the neighborhood, akin to your Spuyten Duyvil and not far from where Sparrow is.  You’re welcome. 

  4. Anonymous -

    Please stay on campus back in Brooklyn. Queens doesn’t need or want you.


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