Greenwood Park, 13,000 Square Feet of Day Drinking


Greenwood Park, Open at last.

Greenwood Park, the long-awaited, 13,000-square-foot beer garden, bar and restaurant from Brooklyn restauranteur Ted Mann, opened for business last night. We sent Casey Acierno and Kate Hooker, our crack team of South Slope imbibers to the scene to investigate. They reported that the space is huge–no surprise there, and that the outside bar is constructed from a shipping container, a very of the moment building material for Brooklyn. There are three bocce lanes outside, and the whole thing has a really cool reclaimed aesthetic.

Get your bocce on!

Listen up day drinkers: there are $3 drafts for happy hour from noon to 7pm.  They’re showing the Euros final on Sunday and have specials planned for the Fourth of July.

Granted, last night was the first night it was open, and Greenwood Park will likely grow more crowded over time, but our writers, both South Slope dwellers, gave it rave reviews. Casey Acierno, Tip Sheet editor, really summed it up in an email, “Really low-key, spacious, basically the perfect addition to the nabe. Between this, Sea Witch, and Quarter Bar, South Slope is KILLING it for outdoor drinking–rad rad rad place to be for the summer!”

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    • Annaliese -

       Their hours, noon to 4am, are on the Facebook page linked above. Though, it would be nice to have a menu up online!

    • Anne -

      As best I can remember, they have burgers, hot dogs, wings, fries, onion rings, a feta and watermelon salad and some other salad.  No vegetarian sandwich or main dish.

      The watermelon salad was delicious.  I gotta figure out how to make that.  The fries and rings were also great, cooked just right, I want to say the fries were from fresh potatoes and the rings seemed beer battered…but I could just be making that up due to being on our third pitcher by the time we went for food.

      Great beer selection by the glass, unfortunately not everything is available in pitchers.  I found the pitcher selection heavy on pilsner and lager, with only Smuttynose IPA and Empire Ale available for ales.  There was also a hefeweizen or two.  All pitchers are $18, which, considering the beers in them range from $4-6 per glass, means that some pitchers are better deals than others.

  1. pissed off -

    completely overrun by B&T douchebags tonight.. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM??


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