Short Attention Span Theater


UglyRhino is one of my favorite theater companies, which is why I’m so stoked for their TinyRhino series this summer. Monday is the second of their three monthly residencies at Brooklyn Lyceum, and the perfect way to beat the heat and a shortened summer attention span. If, like me, this heat wave has spurred you to utter blasphemies like “Do we really need five whole acts, Shakespeare?” and “could someone please give Chekhov a hug already?” then TinyRhino’s collection of six plays, all ten minutes or under, is the cure for what theatrically ails you. The best part is that the entire evening (in true UglyRhino style) is one all-encompassing drinking game—each play has five specific theatrical elements, and whenever one of them appears, the audience has to drink. In my opinion, that’s the only mandatory audience participation that’s ever okay. Tickets are $10 at the door and include a free beer, plus there’ll be live jazz and drink specials before and after the show. It’s the kind of night that would even make ol’ grumpypants Chekhov smile. –V.R.

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