Lend a T-Rex a Hand


Brooklyn Garage is a new DIY collective tryin’ to keep it real in the concrete jungle by reintroducing its populace to some real-life skills that even the nattiest of subway jockeys can handle. They’re hosting their first event at Littlefield—where, alongside the bold and brave partygoers who come equipped with just their mitts and a can-do attitude—they’ll be building (gasp!) DINOSAURS.  Dinosaurs, you guys—from scratch! Admission is $20 to pitch in, and not only do you need no prior knowledge of anything manual-labor related, but Breuckelen Distillery will be making free cocktails, Brooklyn Homebrew‘s bringing some of their suds to sample, AND Littleneck will have a FREE oyster shucking station! Oysters! Dinosaurs! Power tools! How much better can it get?? Get your tickets before availability’s extinct.

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