Collide with New Theater


Indie theater company Gemini Collisionworks is celebrating its 15-year anniversary with three plays at the Brick Theater, including Removal, a new, full-length a play about a writer reaching the finish of his career who comes to find that his writing has not quite yet finished with him. All three plays are crafted from a similar dark apocalyptic strain, which helps ground the sometimes unexpected elements of experimental theater into something more emotionally accessible and engaging than, say, mute actors in butterfly costumes dramatically cocooning themselves in plastic wrap, or Freddie Prinze Jr’s career-changing hacky sack performance, which, let’s face it, he should have won an Oscar for. The anniversary extravaganza will take place throughout August, but a preview of Removal is this Sunday. Tickets are $18 ($12 for the preview) and available here. –V.R.