Cool Party, Hansel


BBQ Films is staging a two-night double screening of Zoolander at Windmill Studios over Friday and Saturday that will include male model bartenders, Orange Mocha Frappuccinos (minus the fatal gas fight), giveaways and cheap Brooklyn Brewery beer. If you come dressed like a really hobo-ish hottie (a la Derelicte) or a really hot hobo (a la Williamsburg hipster), roving fashion photographers will be available to make a Ferrari-filled photo shoot all your own. There are two ticket options to choose from and they’re both available here. The event is, of course, BYOBS (Bring Your Own Blue Steel), so make sure you check your mirror to fine-tune before you get there. Personally? – I’m bringing MAGNUM. Listen to your friend Billy Zane and go. —V.R.

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