Don’t Miss the Bus!


The opportunity to see rare NYC Transit buses from eras gone by should be reason enough to stop by the 19th Annual Bus Festival at the Transit Museum, but happily there are many more. Alongside a pantheon of the coolest, old-school passenger buses that have graced our city streets over the past six decades, there will be workshops and games for all ages, bus drivers in uniform, free admission to the transit museum (worth the trip on its own), and a special-appearance vehicle called the Tunnel Wrecker (if ever there were a selling point to seal the deal to your kids, it’s that). Personally I’m stoked to see “Betsey,” the double-decker 5th Avenue Coach Bus that coasted down one of the city’s glitziest streets during the height of New York’s art-deco skyscraper glam days–my favorite nostalgic epoch. —V.R.

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