Murder in the Bay (+ Bao)


It seems like every sports-loving-meets-intellectual-snob guy I know reads Grantland, and the times I’ve been forwarded posts from the sports/pop culture blog, I’ve understood why–with impressive contributors like Chuck Klosterman and Colson Whitehead, the smart and snappy writing elevates topics as surface-shallow as the X Factor and soccer minutiae. One of their leading contributors, Jay Caspian Kang, just released his debut novel, The Dead Do Not Improve; the book, which tackles MFA students, the Bay Area, murder, and hip-hop, has been getting tons of press everywhere from Gawker to BOMB and beyond. He’ll be discussing the novel at powerHouse this Thursday with New York’s own Eddie Huang, the chef-prankster behind BaoHaus perhaps best known for the controversy over the Four Loko parties he used to throw at his old restaurant Xiao Ye. Expect a mix of deep convos on race and hip-hop and at least a few crazy stories, as well as some delicious snacks courtesy of BaoHaus. –C.A.

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