Highlights from the Blog: September


Our food writer checked out Blue Collar, where a burger and fries will set you back less than $10.. Photo: Blue Collar

What, exactly, did we do, back in September to while the month away so quickly and deliver us to October? Well, I got really excited about a hero pig and the new Saturday schedule on WNYC. Here’s what else went up on the blog as we marched toward autumn.

New Columns
We started up two new columns in September. Lon Koontz wrote about using the Maps feature on the new iPhone operating system in the first installment of How Do I Do That. Email editors@brooklynbased.com if you have tech questions for him to answer. We also talked to Tassy de Give of Sprout Home about where she likes to shop for Personal Shopper, a new column in which we interview store owners about their favorite places to shop.

Old Columns
Colleen Kane shared her latest Brooklyn 2.0, a reminiscence of the honky tonk awesomeness of Hank’s Saloon. Its lifespan at 46 3rd Avenue at Atlantic has been shortened to three more years, but until then Hank’s is still keeping Brooklyn weird. “In an area saturated with ever more businesses that resemble each other in precious aesthetic, price range, and clientele, there’s nothing else like Hank’s,” she writes. Especially if you want to meet a masked stalker.

Have you been to Ambergill Falls in Prospect Park? Photo: Allison Meier

The Written Word
Maybe it was due to the Brooklyn Book Festival, or to the fact that it’s perfect weather for curling up with a book, but we talked a lot about books and writing last month. Jon Reiss listed five new novels (or soon to be published novels) to add to your must-read list, and he recommended six books on writing to help focus your creative energies. Jack Palmer checked out BAM and Greenlight Bookstore’s new literary series, Unbound and I got on my high horse about proper grammar and my love of Strunk and White.

Our food writer Brendan Spiegel chowed down on burgers and fish shack fare in Williamsburg, sampled SF-transplant Rosamunde Sausage Grill and found gooey, cheesy perfection at Mac Shack. Josie Rubio attended the Le Fooding campfire on the Williamsburg waterfront.

David Chiu wrote about the music of Buke and Gase and Teen and went to see Bob Mould at Williamsburg Park. Allison Meier, our resident historian, took there gorgeous shots of Prospect Park for a slideshow to accompany her history of the borough’s most famous green space. And, Ilana Novick wrote about Joey Frank’s “Seeker An’ the Trick,” an installation now on view at The Intercourse in Red Hook.

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