The Not-So-Underground Ballroom


A few years back we wrote about one of the major hosts of Kiki balls, gay ballroom events filled with drag runway battles, dance-offs and beauty contests tailored to teens, particularly African American and Latino LGBTQ individuals who are at-risk for discrimination within their communities. Now, MoMA PS1 is hosting a Kiki Ball with one of its major founders, Twiggy Pucci Garçon, and documentarian Sara Jordenö. Together they collaborated on the film Gesture, which captures the underground movement, and now they are bringing the first-ever public performance of this underground scene, titled The Movement Ball, to the PS1 Performance Dome on Sunday from 7-9pm. The event happens after museum hours, so go before 6pm if you want to snack at the newly opened M. Wells Dinette, where you might be able to try that fabled raw horse meat.

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