Up All Night


Laugh about kids–without your kids!–at our storytelling event, Sleepless in Brooklyn, this Saturday night at Roulette theater. Comedian Charles Star will host as Amy Sohn (Motherland), Victoria Brown (Grace in the City), Louise Sloan (Knock Yourself Up), Eliza Factor (The Mercury Fountain), and Abby Sher (Amen, Amen, Amen) share parenting war stories about everything from single motherhood to horrific meltdowns, and Dave Mandl (Brooklyn Rail, The Believer and WFMU DJ), plays the magic mixtapes that soothed his once-colicky baby. Greenlight Bookstore will be selling the authors’ novels, and beer and wine are available for purchase. Light fare and tickets, on the other hand, are FREE with RSVP, thanks to the sponsorship of Forefront Church, now at Roulette every Sunday.

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