Cold As Ice


A friend sent me this deadly serious look at ice preparation and the cocktail program at Aviary in Chicago this morning saying, “for the 1st 90 sec I thought it was a parody.” It might just be the scariest thing you watch today.

“We look at every single cocktail as essentially a plated course,” says Micah Melton, Aviary’s sous chef in the video. “They’re bartenders, but they’re not tending bar, so you can’t call them bartenders. I don’t want to call them mixologists. Essentially they’re cooks that just happen to be cooking with liquid instead of food. ”

I’m the last person to engage in Sandy Sanctimony, but it seems like you might want to hold off on posting your gorgeously and expensively shot promo video about the 30 different kinds of ice you make at your insane cocktail bar until after the millions of people without power in the Northeast get back on their feet a bit and can at least make their own crappy, non-artisanal ice.

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  1. Ian Simonson -

    Clearly you are not the last person to engage in Sandy Sanctimony, because this is a real stretch.

  2. BoredinBrooklyn -

    Freezing ice cubes that are not just plain water is not a new idea. Lots of people freeze juices and other things into ice cube trays to use in drinks so they don’t get watery as the ice melts.

    The soundtrack and that shot of the woman rocking the shaker in slo-mo at 1:24 are particularly ridiculous. Oh, and the stupid super-slo-mo segment of orange peel being squeezed with the oils burning up in the flame of a candle. ooo…wow….

    The whole video looks facetious.

    Sure, I can understand the tastes, flavors, textures and refinements of all this but the video makes them look like douches…”(wait…can I say that on the air? douches? oh, it’s okay? Okay, thanks.) Yeah, they look kind of like douches”

    [Rant Alert]

    Now back to worrying about Sandy, the devastation and commuting issues and the effing “Emergency Planning” (and this stupid, big deal “excitement”/”sales pitch” of “free buses” with NO indication on MTA website about regular buses crossing over from Brooklyn into Manhattan and back today. What the eff? Only TODAY they suddenly realize and Cuomo goes on TV talking about a Brooklyn-Manhattan Bus Bridge…? Shouldn’t that be part of all their contingency planning? JHC…idiots…

    They cut the very important B39 and B51 buses in 2010 and had no plan in place last year for these incredibly important Brooklyn-Manhattan arteries with the subway shutdown for Irene.

    Zoomburgh is giving a press conference right now, doing his hideously accented, very short Spanish version wrap-up, after talking about all the hideous traffic. Well…how about you plan and then communicate better to the public WHAT their mass transit options are? Get shuttle buses going back and forth over the bridges non-stop maybe next time?

    Heck. Just get us over the bridge and I’ll bet many of us will opt to walk up through Manhattan if traffic is bad. But lots of Brooklynites drove in, took car services, etc. because there was no clear information about getting over the bridge by bus.

    [Rant End]


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