Up and Running!


The annual Halloween parade was postponed due to the wrath of Sandy, but for now anyway, it looks like another beloved tradition—the NYC Marathon—is proceeding as planned on Sunday. As usual, tens of thousands of ambitious and very fit participants will be pounding miles two through thirteen of the pavement in Brooklyn, so why not find a good spot on the route to hang out for an hour or two and offer your encouragement? There are a bunch of good tips in the official spectator guide, but I’ve got one more for you: find a nearby bar where you can toast the runners with a cold pint after you finish cheerleading. Last year, I spent a lovely day watching runners jog down 4th Avenue before repairing to the outdoor area of The Gate for a celebratory beer. After what we’ve been through this week, we could all use that drink even more than ever!–K.H.

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