Reminder: Not Everyone is Stoked on Obama


Here in Brooklyn we’ve had a solid day to revel in Obama’s re-election, re-watch that stellar acceptance speech (while gently weeping), call our gay friends in Maine and Maryland and ask them whether they’ve set a date yet, and make jokes about the rape caucus and being able to get abortions for the next four years. All around, Tuesday was a victory for a new brand of smart, kind American humanism that includes women, immigrants, gays and the working and middle class. While it wasn’t as exciting as the 2008 election, it was in some ways a more mature win–even though Obama hasn’t pleased all his supporters over the past four years, we decided to give him more time to finish what he started, instead of being knee-jerk jerks, and kicking him to the curb.

But, let’s not get too comfortable in our smug urban liberalism. It might seem like the only New Yorker who was left unhinged by the election was Donald Trump, New York’s Official Blowhard, but there are some people out there in America who are pissed, and I’m betting they’re not going to stay quiet or passive about it for long. Check out this whackadoo YouTube video titled Obama Was Re-Elected – I’m pissed – This ain’t pretty. NSFW!!! (Or civilized humans.) This woman goes on a 24-minute rant about Ron Paul supporters, the socialist hell we’ve been plunged deeper into post-election, and the proper use of various forms of social media. Also, she swears prodigiously. It’s INTENSE. Her video stream, which doesn’t allow embedding in other blog posts, is here, I’ve embedded the video, reposted by her fans with embedding enabled, below.

If you believe that women’s rights, gay rights and reproductive freedom are human rights issues; if you’re immediately suspicious when someone dismisses a government program as socialism; if you believe that the middle class, not the ultra rich are the workhorses of the American economy, don’t get lazy and complacent over the next four years–this woman sure isn’t going to.

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