Mastering the Art of Thanksgiving


After losing the month to Sandy and the election and the nor’easter, can anyone believe that Thanksgiving is happening next week? If you’re hosting a turkey dinner on Thursday, are you starting to freak out? Well, relax, because Fort Greene newcomer Prospect is here to save the day with its Pre-Thanksgiving cooking class this Monday night. Starting at 7pm, Kyle McClelland, executive chef, will be instructing a small group of students on topics like brining and roasting a perfect bird, preparing an assortment of stellar side dishes like foie gras stuffing, and the best drink pairings to serve along with the meal. The class is $60 per person and slots are very limited so call 718-596-6826 to book your space ASAP. If you haven’t had a chance to try the well-reviewed fare at Prospect yet, keep in mind that enrollment in the class gives you a 10% discount at the restaurant.  And stay tuned for more cooking classes in the coming weeks–pasta making, bread baking, and butchery are all upcoming.

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