Moby-Dick Marathon


This weekend the literary world celebrates one of NYC’s greatest writers ever: Herman Melville. The man who penned the story of the man who would “prefer not to” also happened to write one of the most influential novels of all time: Moby-Dick. This weekend, for three days, different readers around the city will take turns publicly reading from the book until it’s finished, as part of the  Moby-Dick Marathon NYC. Opening night takes place right here in Brooklyn at WORD. Show up at 5pm for the opening reception and stick around, because at 6pm the first reading begins with “Call me Ishmael.” Readers include Jason Diamond, Lev Grossman, Rachel Syme and more. After a short dip into Manhattan on Saturday (at Housing Works), the marathon returns to Brooklyn at 4pm for an evening-into-night reading sesh at Molasses Books, Bushwick’s new bookstore, featuring readers like Jonathan Ames and Rick Moody. Finally, the marathon wraps up back at Housing Works on Sunday.

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