The Anti-Cleanse


Had enough kale and kombucha to last you a lifetime? Maybe it’s time for something completely different, like a trip back in time to the school cafeteria. This Sunday night, Imagine Feasts is serving up all your favorite decidedly non-gourmet comfort foods (think iceberg lettuce and sloppy joes) at the Double-Wide Trailer Park Dinner. Don’t worry though—the food is high quality and not nearly as unhealthy as it sounds. The tagline “where classic white trash dinners get gussied up” means that the “fish sticks” are actually panko-encrusted tilapia, the green bean casserole uses cream of mushroom soup made from scratch, and dessert is topped off with homemade “Miracle Whip.” The $50 prix fixe ticket includes five courses and a free first round of drinks (personally, I’d opt for the Grape Soda Royale just to see what that’s all about). Gowanus cocktail bar Lucey’s Lounge will host two seatings at 4:30 and 7:30pm, and live music by the Double Wide String Band will keep things entertaining. If you do go, be sure to reserve a spot soon as seating is limited, and we fully expect you to report back on the homemade spam. –K.H.

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