Trivia Time


My love for NPR is second only to my obsession with crossword puzzles and pub trivia, and while that admission may take me out of the running for coolest lady on the block, it does mean that Ask Me Another, a newish trivia/comedy/music show produced by NPR and WNYC and recorded live in Brooklyn, is right up my alley. When I had the chance to attend a taping last winter, I was totally into it—the charming and very funny Ophira Eisenberg was a perfect host, the games were both challenging and fun, the special guest was Chuck Klosterman, and the hour flew by. Now the show is back for its second season, which means six more nights, including this Monday, at the Bell House. If you are at all into game shows, brainteasers, or puzzles, you should definitely pick up a $10 ticket here. In other Bell House news, just wanted to give a heads up that one of my favorite comedy podcasts, How Did This Get Made?, will be taping here (as opposed to in L.A.) on December 6. The first show sold out very quickly so a second has been added at 10:30pm. Grab a $20 ticket here before those go too, and be prepared to die laughing as Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael eviscerate movies that are so bad you can’t believe they ever got made. – K.H.

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