A Cheap(er) Way to Get to the Airport this Thanksgiving


Going to the airport for the great Thanksgiving travel slog this week? We just got an email from weeels.org, a non-profit that works to make transit more efficient and user-friendly (and cheaper) that may interest you. They’re organizing cab-shares to LaGuardia and JFK for flights this week. Sign up for the free service here; a shared cab from Williamsburg to JFK is $20 per person, and there are lots of other neighborhood-airport combinations to choose from. The last time I took a cab to JFK from Williamsburg it was $35. So, not a bargain if you have two people, but a pretty good deal for solo travelers. Here’s what Weeels had to say:

Dear Friends,
This Thanksgiving, want to ride to the airport in comfort without going broke?

Inspired by the broad and effective grassroots organizing post-Sandy, we at WEEELS, the NYC-based social transit service, have decided to run a Thanksgiving taxi-sharing test. If you are traveling through a NYC airport this week, enter your travel information and let our clever data monkeys (matching algorithm) find you a shared ride.

After you enter a few details, we’ll do our best to match you with someone else in your vicinity. You’ll only be notified if we find you a match.

And please help us make this test successful by forwarding broadly!

*$18 per-seat rides to LGA from Park Slope

*$20 per-seat rides to JFK from Williamsburg

*great rates from other neighborhoods


Weeels Holiday Team

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