Kickin’ it Real Old School


Our borough is full of rich, unexpected history, but amid the honking horns, new luxury high-rises, and kombucha pop-ups it can be hard to picture places in their once-upon-a-time states. Which is why a day of Winter on Flatbush Farm at Lefferts Historic House is such a cool opportunity to enjoy hearkening back to the beginning of Brooklyn and our country with the whole fam—without having to truck to some overpriced Colonial Williamsburg-ish roadtrap miles away that’s probably not half as authentic as what we have right here at home. The 19th century farming village of Flatbush (true story) will come alive to you (and any kids you bring along) as you learn to make a patchwork quilt, get a visit from Old Saint Nick, watch how wool gets spun into yarn by a master spinner (artisanal handicrafts as green and locally sourced as it gets) and enjoy Dutch treats over an outdoor hearth from an old Lefferts family recipe.

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