Calling All Beardos and Mustachios


Having facial hair in Brooklyn has become more common than having a New York City accent in New York. Whether you’re sporting the lumberjack look, the ZZ Top look, the I-forgot-to-shave-this-morning look, the handlebar hipster ‘stache, or the bearded lady look, there’s a place for you here. This Saturday at Warsaw, the Gotham City Beard Alliance are holding their third annual Beard and Mustache Competition. Put your facial hair up against some of the best in 13 categories, including “styled mustache,” “full beard over one foot,” “women’s most fantastic,” and “women’s most realistic.” There will be bands, belly dancers and raffle prizes in addition to drink specials and delicious pierogies. All proceeds from the event will go to the local NYC MS Society chapter. Buy your tickets now!

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