Party Like It’s Prohibition


A curious compulsion to forget work and remember alcohol may strike sometime today. Dec. 5 celebrates not only the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day, which signaled the end of the dark days of Prohibition, but the one year anniversary of the New York Distilling Company. In honor of the double date, and to help repair the damage done by Sandy, New York Distilling is holding a fundraiser party (100% of proceeds to Brooklyn Recovery Fund) which will involve many, many awesome things. Each ticket gets you in to a night distilling session, which they are opening to the public for the first time ever. There, you’ll finish a run of rye and take home one bottle fresh out of the still, and the received another bottle from the run, once it’s aged. Tickets are $125 each, but in addition to the charitable warm-fuzzies, they come with membership to the brand new New York Distilling Club, which gets you discounts, first cracks at limited editions and even more opportunities to come distill with their alcohol artisans in the future.

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