Polar Explorer or Mast Brother?


Frederick A. Cook, explorer, doctor, Bushwick resident. Photo: Ohio State University Library

Rick and Michael Mast, sailors, chocolate makers, Williamsburg residents. Photo: Mast Brothers


When Allison Meier, our resident historian, sent in her article about Frederick Cook, the Brooklyn explorer who may have been the first to reach the North Pole, she sent along a variety of historical photos of Cook, along with modern shots of his red brick mansion in Bushwick.

I like this photo, because it’s like he could live in Bushwick now,” she wrote about the image on the left. I instantly went looking for the Mast Brothers publicity shot on the right. And well, what more is there to say?

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  1. Toby Poodle -

    Explorer, Scientist, and Doctor vs a couple chocolate bar making hipsters. Don’t you have better issues to write about? Maybe compare George Marshall with some 25 year old bum still living with his parents because they are both “ironic”…

  2. Anonymous -

    But he wasn’t a hipster back then. He dressed that way and didn’t shave because they didn’t have a choice. Nowadays, it’s done for sheet attention and “irony” — ridiculous that you’d confuse an intellectual with a trying-too-hard HIPSTER!

  3. Capt Awesome -

    How Fucking stupid are??!! Let’s not compare these people. Fredrick Cook dressed as people of that time dressed, he was a modern man in the 1800’s, the mast douchebags, who are violating basic FDA guidelines with their unkempt hair and beards, aren’t modern, they’re busy mimicking styles from 100+ years ago, and they loo lik douchebags. And Bushwick’s personality is hispanic, not assholes still living off of mommy/daddy money, whom are back in ohio/michigan/indiana/wherethefuckever, please go kill yourself, but do it in someone else’s state, not mine.

  4. SwampYankee -

    Ah yes, “Brooklyn-Based” that is the code word for I was not in Brooklyn but I so desperately want to say I am from Brooklyn transplant”. I suppose Cook may have had a beard BECAUSE HE WAS A POLAR EXPLORER AND IT WAS PRACTICAL!. As opposed to someone who has an ironic beard that is not practical Nothing says quality food service like a big face full of red pubic hair. Stop trying to adopt an identity that makes you from Brooklyn, you are not. You will never be “from” Brooklyn, you just live in Brooklyn you gentrifying transplant

    • JoseLuis DeMille -

      HowIronic is this? I’m from Wisconsin and I agree with every comment posted here. Hipster = trustfundbaby. I didn’t like you in Wisco, and I like you less in NY. Go back home. I’ll stay here with the real New Yorkers!


    This is some of the laziest “writing” ever. Why on Earth would you ever compare the Masturbation Bros. to someone who REALLY accomplished something? Just because of their beards?? That’s it?? Also, the Mast Bros. are NOT sailors. They just posed for a photo on a sailboat once. There is a big difference between someone who actually knows how to sail a boat, and a couple of lice-ridden beardos that stand around and pose on one. But you are too lazy to figure that out.

  6. Sam -

    Are you shitting me? Cook’d take one look at the pretentious assholes living there and go back to the North Pole

  7. Vic Svaporub -

    What a pair of hipster doofuses…. ya, that’s a great look, bet you two get laid every night… hahahahahaha!!

  8. maddog -

    god. i just died a little. this is so depressing. i miss emo kids now.


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