A Squinty, Shouty Homecoming Show


After decades in showbiz, comedian Gilbert Gottfried has worn a lot of hats. He is well-known for providing the voice of the AFLAC duck, being a cast member on SNL, a fixture on Comedy Central roasts and a legend on Howard Stern’s show. Gottfried is Brooklyn-born and bred, but he has been largely absent from the comedy renaissance that has taken place here over the past several years. Perhaps this is because Gottfried is somewhat of an old-school comic’s comic who isn’t the most obvious choice for some of the more indie-oriented comedy venues that have sprung up, or perhaps it’s because he got himself in some hot water with some (arguably) poorly-timed jokes about 9/11 and the Japanese tsunami. In any case, the fact that Gottfried is performing at the Bell House on Saturday night at the Tell Your Friends! Winter Carnivale is an event, and one well-worth the the $15 ticket. Other performers include host Liam McEneaney, Myq Kaplan, and Rena Zager. Tickets might not last, so we suggest you snap one up now.

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