Bridge (and Powerlines) to the Future


Now that the new year has come and the witch that was 2012 is dead, it’s time to ring the bells and toast to good times ahead with bridges and powerlines, this Saturday at Union Hall. With their self-described “optimistic fuzz pop,” b&p is just the aural palate cleanser necessary to start the year off right. The band pushes the limits of the typical pop song with layered vocals, complex instrumentation, and all the other experimental techniques typical of rambling, nine-minute indie-rock discourses, while remaining tightly wound three-minute musical confections. How can you not want to start off a year at a show where the kiss-off to the most blistering break-up song’s chorus is “I might feel more if I met you a lifetime later, in an old city”? If the rest of the punches are going to land that soft and sound that good, we’ll start hoping the new year never ends.

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