Vokashi, Composting for Apartment Dwellers


Vokashi is a composting service–you fill the bin, they haul it away. Photo: Celia Gorman

Remember when we wrote about Vokashi a few years back? No? It’s a composting service based in Brooklyn. They deliver you these bright green bins, you fill them with your food scraps (they use a special system that allows for almost any kind of food waste), and then they pick up the bin and provide you with a clean one.

They’re part of an article in The New York Times today, exploring different ways to compost in your apartment. I’ll admit that I find worm composing extra awesome, but for convenience and lack of gross factor, having someone haul your compost away every week for $40 a month seems pretty great. Check it out–combined with that early January instinct to clean and order everything it will get you all fired up about composting.

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