Dive into Comedy


If you weren’t lucky enough to grab tickets to Reggie Watts’s now sold-out show at Glasslands, don’t think you’ve missed out on the best comedy on offer this week, because there’s more than enough to go around. Personally, this Monday’s edition of Night Train with Wyatt Cynac at Littlefield can’t come soon enough for me—with a musical guest spot by indie rock heavyweight Mike Doughty, it might be tempting to breeze past the main comedy portion of the night. Except that, in addition to former Daily Show-er Cynac, this week features longtime comedy legend Jackie Kashian, and up-and-comer Mike Lawrence, whose appearances on Marc Maron’s WTF have been so equally hilarious and riveting that I can’t remember a comedian I’ve looked forward to seeing for the first time more. Also on offer Monday night is the always great Dive Comedy at Freddy’s. Cohost Brooke Van Poppelen has been generating some recent heat after being named one of Esquire Magazine’s ‘Best New Standups of 2012’ , and her partner Guilia Rozzi, a Moth Grand Slam Champion, is no slouch either. Either show is a safe bet to putting the pain of the start of a new workweek behind you.–V.R.

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